@Zona Tortona: a well-mixed district amongst most in Milan – for design, fashion, cuisine, innovation, well-being, sustainable living – where you can delight all 5-senses…. One of the main areas of the 60’s industry turmoil in Italy, and still maintaing today a factory-like look within the district complex, the Tortona pedestrian zone gathers numerous artists, designers, and “life-stylers” who have transformed the place into in/outdoor showrooms and loft spaces related to cross-cultural fields. Old residences for workers have become creative workshops, ateliers, and innovative labs where one can pass by the flashes of old, brick structures dressed in a modern tone, and most likely end up in street parades and alternative scenarios featuring icons of the modern international jet-set, show business, sports and music industries.


Magna Pars Suites Milano, the official Out of the Box venue this year, situated in the very heart of Milan’s Tortona design district, is a former perfume factory turned into a boutique hotel with first-class industrial and contemporary styling, still featuring the original perfume lab and presenting an architectural complex mainly in transparent glass. A true expression of Italian excellence which offers a unique sensory experience! Rich with trees, plants and a hidden garden “to delight the senses”, we will be hosting talks, displays and workshops at Magna Pars, the ideal place to represent both La Marzocco and the venue’s common spirit of a rooted history, avant-garde thinking and design, ecology, aromas – all in one! “Fragrance is all about trying to communicate” … MORE.