Happenings at La Marzocco UK this season

Mai 23, 2022 in UK & Ireland

As festival season blossoms the team at La Marzocco UK has been busy meeting new and old friends in the community. Check out what’s been happening and what’s soon to come below- recounted by Rosie Lowery, Marketing Coordinator- La Marzocco UK & Ireland.

London Coffee Festival – 31st March – 3rd April

London Coffee Festival 2022 was an incredible experience for the whole La Marzocco UK team (and we were even lucky enough to be joined by some wonderful members of La Marzocco Italy, Germany, and France, too!)

La Marzocco had a huge presence throughout the festival. Be it on The Roasters Village where we hosted 22 partners with a Linea Mini each for four full days, or on the True Artisan Café stands where 9 partners per day brought their partners to showcase a signature drink over the course of a couple of hours on Linea Classics, or on our Modbar stand where partners took over our bar to serve up their finest coffees on our Modbar and Wally set-up. La Marzocco Home had their Home Kitchen, where people were welcome to come and try their hand at the Linea Mini and GS3. Machines showcased this year were the Officine Fratelli Bambi, sitting pride of place opposite the True Artisan Café stands, alongside the KB90 with IoT and the Wally. In addition, our partners used a GB5 on the VIP bar, and we installed machines on countless partner-specific stands around the festival. The Modbar and Wally were installed on the Latte Art Live stage and used for many demonstrations and talks throughout the festival.  This was undoubtedly an incredible way to tie together the coffee community in the UK and beyond, creating endless amounts of communication and connection between us and our partners, but also giving them a platform to really shine and celebrate what they do best to a huge audience.

As usual, we threw our Friday Night Throwdown at Juju’s Bar just opposite the London Coffee Festival, where we hosted friends old and new to join us for drinks, dancing, and conversation while we cheered on the throwdown contestants, with the winner of the throwdown bagging themselves a trip to Accademia del Caffe Espresso! We continued the evening festivities and celebrations on Saturday night when we invited all of our partners to join us for an evening of food, drinks, dancing, and good times. Both events were a huge success and we had the best time connecting with our community and having the opportunity to really thank our partners for their hard work both throughout the festival, but also over the past year.

Glasgow Coffee Festival – 7th – 8th May

Glasgow Coffee Festival was a huge success for La Marzocco UK and a fantastic time was had by all – an incredible opportunity to connect with both partners and the general public in beautiful Scotland. Throughout the weekend there were hundreds of eager festival goers queuing up to try their hand at the Linea Mini with Ruth, our home manager. In addition to our own stand, we had a Wally being showcased over on the stand of our friends Bare Bones Chocolate.

Glasgow was also the home of our first roadshow stop of 2022! This took place at the home of Bare Bones Chocolate in Glasgow, on the Saturday night of the Coffee Festival weekend. In collaboration with both Oatly and Bare Bones, we held a latte art throwdown where the winner won a grand prize of a trip to the home of La Marzocco – Accademia del café Espresso. Drinks were provided by Discarded, and there was a delicious delivery of lots of pizzas to make sure no one went hungry, too!

All in all, the weekend was a huge testament to why we do what we do at La Marzocco – community, connection, hospitality, engagement, and spirit.

Balance Festival

La Marzocco UK will once again be a part of the unmissable action at the UK’s leading health and wellness event, Balance Festival, in London on the 17th – 19th of June 2022. We are looking forward to presenting La Marzocco Home to a wide audience through our new concept, the Home Barista Experience, where we will showcase three Linea Mini’s, and festival-goers can come and learn how to make coffee in a home barista environment.

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