A Taste of Taste 2017

March 13, 2017 in Italia

So did La Marzocco return this year to the twelfth edition of TASTE! Since ever a lifestyle fair celebrating gastronomic excellence and the latest trends in the world of food and flavours, this time TASTE introduced coffee as a fundamental pillar of the event agenda – inviting La Marzocco to promote the culture of specialty coffee through a variety of signature formats: from the True Artisan Café to present Tuscan quality roaster brands, to the “Grand Prix Profili di Pressione” (pressure profiling) barista competition on the Strada EP and, last but not least, a vivacious on-stage cupping session of the best Brazilian microlots… All of which also reflecting the Florentine company’s tribute to its 90th anniversary!
True Artisan Café
What better way than a cup of coffee to convey the passion, excellency, craftsmanship and profound bond with the territory of origin, Tuscany? In fact, La Marzocco gathered some of the top local roasters to share their beans and stories to the public, such as Caffè Piansa, Oriental Caffe, LoScuroCaffè Magnelli, Le Piantagioni Del Caffè, Ditta Artigianale, Caffè Mokarico and Trinci Cioccolato & Caffe’.

This caffeinated, fresh and fun encounter captured the interest of many coffee enthusiasts, the connoisseurs and the curious, who participated in an educational and sensory workshop aimed at acknowledging the different mind-blowing aromatic and flavour components in coffee.
“Grand Prix – Profili di Pressione” Barista Competition
After calling nine national professional baristas to compete and present the ideal recipe for an espresso, a cappuccino and a signature coffee-based drink… Eventually, the young, talented Filippo Gadani, from coffee brand Lelli, ranked #1 to become the second winner of La Marzocco’s Grand Prix championship platform!
Stay-tuned for upcoming #taste fun facts!
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