To build relationships so that we can enrich the lives of others.


Persevere in the manufacturing of the finest in class specialty coffee equipment, while encompassing people, heritage, technology, design and a spirit of sustainability in business.


Integrity: Do the right things for the right reasons.

Impact: Make a difference. Become a positive influence on your team, in our company and with our customers.

Curiosity: Ask genuinely curious questions that reveal different perspectives and that challenge the status quo. Search for the why, how and what in everything we do.

Courage: Have the courage to defend our culture. Embrace change, speak up, challenge yourself and your peers.

Celebration: Celebrate others with the same energy we use when celebrating ourselves.


The frontier is a zone typically touched on by artisans. Difficult and dangerous, invisible to the naked eye, and practically inscrutable to market research, the frontier can at best be sensed by using qualities that are rarely accepted by present day industrial culture: intuition, sensitivity, and a desire to accept managed risk as an essential part of our work.

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