Auto Brew Ratio on the Strada AV!

March 16, 2017 in International

La Marzocco is now bringing the auto-volumetric technology and experience to the next level! For the very first time, La Marzocco is introducing Auto Brew Ratio on a Strada machine: the Strada AV. It is now possible to customize the espresso shot, controlling the extraction by volume, mass or a brew ratio on the AV model. Such proprietary advancement in electronics will provide a great educational tool when training baristas: the user will be able to k now the precise dose in the cup, program the dose on the basis of weight in the cup rather than volume and visualize the time (in seconds) and weight (in grams) on the display while brewing. An additional tool for the barista is pre-setting a brew ratio – the machine can then read the weight of the dose in the portafilter and deliver the exact amount of water required for that ratio. The ultimate configuration on the Strada AV means further control and feedback. Download the BROCHURE.


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