Category: Australasia

Our Augmented Reality App is Live!

The future is now! Launched earlier this fall by La Marzocco Australia, the new AR app allows you to take in your pocket a La Marzocco treat:… Read More

Wonderful Visit to Australia

An enjoyable experience speaks the same language: you can check one out here, when the La Marzocco team in Australia welcomed its International family members… Read More

Open House Event, Australia

The Open House event kicked off yesterday in Melbourne, by La Marzocco Australasia, with a launch party for the Linea PB – Auto Brew Ratio and Modbar… Read More

In the NOMA Pop-Up, Australia

In the goodfood article, author Matt Holden wonders how Noma does Australian coffee … finding answers in the dynamic coffee stories of Tim Varney and Tim Williams… Read More

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