Congratulations to all of the competitors at SCA Italy 2020

January 22, 2020 in Italia

La Marzocco congratulates the winners of the SCA 2020 championships.

Sigep has just closed its doors, crowning the new winners in a range of categories of the Italian SCA championships.

We applaud the new Italian champions: Elvira Niki, winning first place in the Italian Ibrik Championships; Daniele Carvalho Ricci, Italian Barista Champion; Elisa Urdich, winner of the Brewers Cup; Andrea Villa, awed the crowd and won Italian Coffee in Good Spirits; Fabio Dotti, Italian Cup Taster; Davide Cobelli, Italian Roasting Champion; Carmen Clemente, winner of the Italian Latte Art Competition.

We had a blast being spectators at SIGEP with many friends and professionals competing. Complements to all of the competitors, we applaud your hard work and cannot wait to see the road to qualifications and finals.

A special shout-out to the Bugan team, who has been instrumental in Daniele Carvalho Riccis journey; now a barista at Bocca Coffee Roasters in Amsterdam. Elisa Urdich and Andrea Villa are also part of the Bugan family.

Also a special shout-out to Francesco Masciullo, who took silver in the Italian Barista Championship; Simone Zaccheddu, second place in the Italian Cup Tasting Championship, and Eva Palma, a competitor in the Italian Latte Art Championship. All are a part of the Ditta Artigianale team and chose to practice at the Accademia del Caffè Espresso for the competition.

All photo courtesy of Federico Pezzetta @coffeeandlucas/ @romediastudio

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