Hands for Songwa’s 2019 Campaign for a Clean River

October 28, 2019 in International

In addition to building and equipping a primary school building for over 100 children at the village of Idugumbi and a fourth water well in the vicinity of the villages nearest the Songwa farm, 2019 Hands for Songwa funding covered the costs for an educational campaign, involving over 500 primary and secondary school children, to clean the Nzovwe River.

During the week of September 23, local water authorities and science teachers accompanied students to the river to learn about its ecosystem. At the end of the intense week, students were divided into small groups and equipped with the necessary material to clean the river from plastics and other contaminating material. Several of the students joined a celebration at the end of the day to mark their accomplishment.
The video that we share here was made locally and is at its best when showing young people up to their knees in water and/or mud, determined to do their very best. Like the local community and the coffee growing in the area, water is a precious resource indeed.

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