Inclusion & Diversity

A room full of people who look and act the same are rarely going to change the world. By embracing our differences, we can build something stronger.

As a company with thousands of machines in cafes and businesses around the world, we have the responsibility and opportunity to not just improve our company’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion plans, but to also drive change in the industry we serve.

Our Partners

The importance of our missions encompass hands-on educational progress, company policies and external support. 
We are doing work with the following International DEI companies:
- Ourania for DEI consulting and policy
- TMI Academy for DEI courses and training

current initiatives

  • Institutionalizing a transversal committee called People & Culture aimed at cultivating La Marzocco’s culture and value set
  • Establishing an agreement with local organizations and schools to create job opportunities for young adults struggling with economic and/or social hardship
  • Employing individuals seeking political asylum
  • Enabling educational opportunities through scholarships
  • Supporting colleagues struggling with health conditions
  • Offering legal support for staff who have faced issues with the law

Long-term roadmap

We have recently partnered with an external agent to assist in addressing our Inclusion & Diversity practices from a cultural, societal, historical, and economic standpoint – and how that translates into processes and procedures within our organization. This work has resulted in a long-term roadmap aiming to reinforce and enhance the culture of diversity within the company, which translates in the following actions:

  • Staff engagement initiatives to give our staff the opportunity to express anything they feel is relevant and their thoughts on DEI at La Marzocco
  • An internal cultural audit to understand La Marzocco staff’s perception of how the company is currently doing in relation to DEI
  • Formalization of the Inclusion & Diversity program, with a DEI strategy that will be put in place in collaboration with Ourania to guide us going forward.
  • Policy definition and execution, to identify where and how we can best embed our DEI principles to align with our DEI strategy as well as our overall business strategy
  • DEI training programs, such as unconscious bias training and intercultural communication workshops, for all staff focusing on supporting our awareness, knowledge, understanding and skills.

multicultural at heart

Diversity is in our DNA. It is written in our multicultural history between Florence and Seattle. It’s the courage of the lion we have chosen as the symbol of our company so that each member of La Marzocco’s family can express their identity and stand up for the values they believe in. Today, our organization has 9 branches with people coming from over 25 nationalities.

With a global footprint covering 5 continents and distributors in more than 120 countries around the world, the importance of being an inclusive, equitable and diverse company is crucial to properly serve our customers. We embrace our multicultural identity and believe the learning and action we take during this process will help us move forward with the combined voices and thoughts from different cultures, backgrounds and philosophies.


We have a responsibility to be better people, and to help empower individuals from all walks of life. We want to support the people and communities we work with to be the best they can be through fostering a culture of respect and belonging. This commitment inspires everything we do – not only our DEI development, but also the work we do in other areas.

As global citizens, we know DEI doesn’t start and end in the workplace. We are committed to finding ways to put our DEI principles into practice with all the communities we work with. We are proud of the work we’ve started doing in this area with our Songwa Farm Project, which we hope will continue to grow and make a positive contribution to the communities we work with. You can find more information on this project here.


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