It’s time to press; 2018 World AeroPress Championship season opens.

May 9, 2018 in International, Italia

The 2018 World AeroPress Championship season is officially underway, and hopeful plungers who want to make it to the World Final in Sydney will have over 100 events to choose to compete in…

La Marzocco is once again a proud host for this year’s national layover, throwing the Italian AeroPress Competition on June 1st in the popular, caffeinated, surf-&-(motor)-bike-devoted location of Deus Café Milano – in collaboration with partners EDO Barista, Cofficina, E&B Lab and IMS.

Registration either as a competitor or spectator is open via Facebook & Eventbrite!

“A record high of over 70 regional events are happening across the globe, including 17 regionals in Spain, 11 in France, 7 in Venezuela and Australia, and 6 in the UAE… We love to see all these extra regional events happening,” commented Tim Williams, CEO, World AeroPress Championship.

“Travel is expensive, especially for baristas, so we much prefer to see the competitions come to the people, instead of the other way around.”

Each year the competition also expands to new countries, and 2018 sees Portugal, Qatar, and Croatia all hosting their first championships. At the same time, the competition makes a return to its ancestral home. W.A.C co-creator and long-time judge, Tim Wendelboe, will join forces with Nordic Approach to host the 2018 Norwegian AeroPress Championship.

A complete listing of regional and national competitions, updated weekly, is on the W.A.C website at

The season concludes on September 30, with national champions converging on Sydney, Australia in early November to compete for the title of 2018 World AeroPress Champion.

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