kb90 in the wild at elephant grounds new location

September 6, 2019 in China

Elephant Grounds café officially opened at Taikoo Li, Sanlitun, Beijing on August 22nd, bringing the passion and kindness of Hong Kong compatriots to the capital city. Opening day was more of a fashion event with trendsetters and celebrity guest VanNess Wu surprising the crowd. Everything here started with coffee, in 2013 founders Kevin Poon and Gerald Li got tried of the overly roasted coffee that mainstream coffee shops had to offer.

Deciding to bring the spirit of “made in Hong Kong” to the cup. Six years later they are opening their 8th coffee shop and the first in Beijing. The space is celebrated with an eye-catching custom KB90, which was carefully customized in black and orange with the elephant’s skin pattern, Elephant Grounds trademark design.

The café offers coffee blends from Columbia, Brazil, and Papua New Guinea and are roasted in Hong Kong. Milk and plant-based alternatives are available. Founder Kevin Poons favorite is iced oat milk coffee.

Attention to detail and passion doesn’t stop with coffee. Freshly baked goods, Yogurt Bowls, breakfast favorites, salads, and praised ice-cream sandwiches are a must-try.

Inspired by elephants and advocating a peaceful environment, Elephant Grounds design and detail embody the philosophy of health and environmental protection. Elephants are intelligent animals that are friendly, helpful and value teamwork. As a café they aim for a place where customers can relax and escape fast-paced urban life. You can enjoy coffee and gourmet in a calm state. It’s worth mentioning that the straws are made of bamboo.

Congratulations on the new location!

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