la marzocco and modbar sponsor the 2019 world aeropress championship

November 22, 2019 in International, UK & Ireland

This Sunday, 65 finalists will join and compete in the celebrated 2019 World AeroPress Championship on November 24. Held in London, UK.

La Marzocco and Modbar are delighted to take part as sponsors. Since its early days AeroPress has gained a following, not only for the fascinating way of brewing coffee but for the fact that anyone could take part in the magnetic AeroPress Championship; from an award- winning barista to the coffee lover next door.

From 2014, La Marzocco has supported and sponsored this spectacular event.Modbar is a second-year sponsor. Sunday, Ozone Coffee Roasters will be brewing on the Modbar espresso and steam AV.

Register here and let’s join in celebrating the coffee community together, over 800 spectators will join the fun this weekend.

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