La Marzocco exhibits at Cosmos Coffee in the Deutsches Museum

July 2, 2019 in Germany, International

Munich is about to get a taste of coffee as the world’s largest museum of science and technology, the Deutsches Museum, opens a new exhibition this year, Cosmos Coffee, on July 4th with the collaboration of La Marzocco.

The exhibit will guide visitors through the dynamic bean, diving into every facet to give a deeper understanding of one of today’s biggest commodities. In fact, coffee has become a global phenomenon and the Deutsches Museum is a perfect fit in explaining its prolific story through a scientific and humanistic approach.

From coffee’s historical and societal background to the critical findings in research & development, all

the way to contemporary rituals – Cosmos Coffee will offer a knowledgeable and entertaining experience in the biology, chemistry, technology, economy and cultural dimension of coffee in 5 distinct areas of display.

With innovation in mind, the Deutsches Museum is partnering with La Marzocco to explore the technology of the espresso machine by exploding the Leva: a revolutionary La Marzocco bringing groundbreaking advancements to the iconic lever design from the 50’s, revitalizing the performance of a fully mechanical lever-actuated machine.

Each component will be separated and suspended to give the museum goer an inside look of how the Leva is designed and handmade in its birthplace of Florence, Italy.

Tying in La Marzocco’s over 90 years of history, Cosmos Coffee will also be showcasing the iconic FB80, a custom pink anniversary-edition centerpiece. Lastly, the Museum will house a café serving quality coffees on the Strada AV and on the undercounter brewing system by Modbar.

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