mauro colagreco, his Linea Mini was a indispensable favorite during quarantine

May 28, 2020 in International

3 Michelin stars and first in the World Best Restaurant 2019 ranking with restaurant Mirazur, Mauro Colagreco tells Vanity Fair that his best companion during quarantine was his Linea Mini, which guaranteed his quiet moments sipping coffee with a seaside panorama.

“The “totem” object of my confinement is my La Marzocco coffee machine! A large square box, chrome, and red. I use it several times a day and it makes me happy at any time of the day. I completely rediscovered it. Before, I thought it was a cumbersome thing in the middle of my kitchen. Now I say hello to her every morning!

We live at a speed that is not in harmony with nature. Usually, I wake up before the sun, I go to the garden to grab vegetables and herbs, then I go straight to work, to the restaurant. I don’t even have time for a coffee at home. I come back around midnight and I start all over again the next day … Since the beginning of confinement, I wake up with the sun, I greet my super adored coffee machine which serves me a nice cup of happiness, I sit in my garden and I look at the sea!”

What a lovely way to start your morning! Read the full Vanity Fair France article here.



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