Our Longtime Partner & Friend … #allpressturns30

September 26, 2019 in Australasia, International

Today is a special day for acknowledgment and celebration. In particular the team from Allpress, one of our closest collaborators – friends first, then business partners – are lighting their 30th candle; shining a light on multiple decades of dedication to people, flavor, and innovation.

Throughout the years, we are humbled and honoured to express that the distance between Italy and New Zealand has shrunk.

The two founders – Michael Allpress and Piero Bambi – from that one moment they met at the historic La Marzocco factory in Pian di San Bartolo, Florence have learnt to respect and exchange their viewpoint, flourish their relationship, and find common grounds in the aim of designing experiences and products that uphold cup quality and flavour profile.

Visit the Allpress instagram page to enjoy their anniversary campaign and learn all about how the two companies have followed the same direction towards excellence and community-building, often intersecting paths, and connecting the dots of quality café culture and ethos worldwide.

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