Sharing our 90 years with Standart

June 26, 2017 in International, Italia

La Marzocco is very excited to be part of another beautiful and relevant edition of STANDART (issue 7), in which the company, through the words expressed by Managing Director Guido Bernardinelli, reveals its ninety-year-old story of espresso machine excellence & innovation to the editors and readers of the online specialty coffee journal as it gets ready to prepare for more exciting chapters to come! 

The conversation opens with a simple yet striking question: what does it mean to be a 90-year-old Florentine manufacturer of espresso machines known the world over?

“What an endeavor! Recalling the journey from a small craftsmen’s workshop in 1927, Florence — when the brothers Giuseppe and Bruno Bambi had a genuine desire to improve the quality of espresso, the machines and its operations — to today. A dream come true if not a promise kept by all those who work, and have worked for, the company worldwide. After ninety years, while experimenting with new techniques and setting industry trends, we’ve stayed true to our artisan philosophy, making each espresso machine by hand and through a time-honored process…”

Read the full article HERE.

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