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April 15, 2020 in International

We launched a campaign a month ago intending to bring a bit of good feeling to the coffee community while we fight tirelessly during this difficult time. Asking our followers to share a coffee-related moment that was impactful in a person’s life, with the #lamarzoccosharing on Instagram. One lucky entry has won a Linea Mini.

All photos courtesy of Hannah Newhall

The “grand prize” goes to Hannah Newhall! #lamarzoccosharing included a wonderful memory of her wedding and the special gift to all of the wedding guests.

“Jonathan & I have so many special moments and memories in our story that involve coffee!” Hannah wrote on her entry post.

“We love the sweet ways that the rhythms of coffee create space for connecting with others. Our sweetest coffee memory is that of sharing coffee with all our loved ones at our wedding (almost) three years ago!! Jonathan & I home roasted coffee beans a few days before our wedding and sent them home with our guests as wedding favors. After our ceremony, we enjoyed first sips of coffee as Mr. & Mrs with our guests.”

“The slow and intentional rhythms of roasting and brewing good coffee have meant so much to us through the years. Sharing coffee with all our loved ones at our wedding was hands down our favorite coffee date! It was so sweet to connect and share something that is so special to us with all of our people! We can’t wait until this is all over & we can celebrate, dance, & drink lots of coffee with our people again! ”- from Hannah’s Instagram.

The campaign was seen and submitted by people on all continents around the world. Generating over 1.5K submissions. Even more meaningful than that, the post topics frequently included the message of hope, love, and happiness. Sharing that special moment with the love and passion we all hold inside. Whether it was traveling through an unknown country, learning about origin first-hand, or sharing the first cup of coffee with your future mate.

The message of our community strength shined through. We thank everyone who participated and generously shared that special moment.

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