“Le Café Alain Ducasse” and the Taste of Paris

mai 6, 2019 in International

We are delighted to announce a partnership with renowned chef Alain Ducasse, celebrated at the renowned Taste of Paris at the “Le Café” stand (9-12 May) this week.

Pioneering French cuisine with a remarkable enterprise that managed three 3 Micheline-star restaurants at once, Ducasse continues to oversee over 20 restaurants and has published numerous cookbooks. Alain Ducasse has ventured into coffee with his new café in Paris and London, “Le Café Alain Ducasse”. Monsieur Ducasse is a renowned French chef and creator, striving to uphold an artisan lifestyle with passion and dedication.

The philosophy that drives Alain Ducasse echos nature as the source of inspiration while crafting products with tradition and modernity. This true artisan philosophy that is also essential for La Marzocco flourished this partnership, a one-of-a-kind La Marzocco Strada design was produced for Alain Ducasse Café.

It was no surprise that the next step in Alain Ducasse’s empire was to open a café, focusing on singular elements: bean-to-cup, the art of design, and taste. The La Marzocco espresso machine is the major element, the focus of the newly designed spaces- with a curved glass body providing a window to the steam boiler which is proudly engraved with the La Marzocco and Alain Ducasse brand. Each step in the making of this customized machine was completed under the careful eyes of head designer Stefano Della Pietra at the La Marzocco headquarters.

Ducasse’s team traveled to La Marzocco headquarters in Scarperia, Italy; there they learned about our history, craftsmanship and aim to innovate. Working closely with our R&D team to come up with a centerpiece machine that could fully embody Alain Ducasse philosophy, seamlessly and harmoniously linked to the vision of La Marzocco.


The “Le Café” stand at Taste of Paris will include La Marzocco’s newest product and innovative Straight- In system, KB90. The La Marzocco + Alain Ducasse unique Strada AV. And favorites such as the Linea Classic, Linea Mini, Modbar Pour- Over, Lux D grinders, and Vulcano on demand and swift.

 Join in celebrating the union of taste, coffee and food in Paris, France with us.

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