leva x in the brand-new zurich café of breitling, swiss watch maker

May 22, 2019 in International

La Marzocco is excited to share an iconic showcase with Breitling, Swiss luxury watchmakers excelling internationally in precision-made timepieces since 1884. The brand has teamed up with Switzerland’s largest premium department store, Jelmoli, for a new concept, the Breitling Bar & Bistro – the first of its kind.

With a stunning array of specialty coffees on offer, the two Swiss brands looked to La Marzocco in providing exceptional equipment. Kialoa, La Marzocco’s local distributors, worked closely with ECOCAFE in delivering an espresso machine that reiterated the unique and exclusive café with a limited 90th edition Leva X.

This special Leva X that was handmade-in-Florence in 2017, now stands in the boutique space in Zurich, one of only 90 units ever produced to celebrate the company’s ninetieth anniversary.

Revolutionizing the idea of a lever espresso machine, the Lexa X allows the barista full manual control through the entire extraction to deliver a special experience in every cup.

For more information about the new venture from Breitling, read HERE.

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