The first Officine Fratelli Bambi machine in Barcelona at Bar Brutal

avril 29, 2022 in Spain

Bar Brutal, one of the most renowned destinations for wine and food lovers in the old town’s gothic district of Barcelona (precisely, Calle Princesa 14), is now home to the first installation in Spain of a custom G33 espresso machine, handmade from La Marzocco’s artisan workshop, the Officine Fratelli Bambi, with bold brass accents and fine sharp lines.

It’s no wonder the choice for a tailormade espresso machine was made to serve coffee in this gastronomic hotspot, to reflect its new concept and adjacent cafè area called “El Corner”, a space dedicated to promoting small local businesses that have been hit and shadowed during the pandemic outbreak.

Thanks to Bar Brutal’s new project – which on rotation will highlight local brands and businesses as well as host events and temporary exhibits – and with the collaboration of La Marzocco’s Officine Fratelli Bambi team, a stunning GS3 has become a physical and symbolic centerpiece of the “El Corner” location drawing public attention to the community (and craft) of makers, designers, artists, and culinary masters,  while reviving and merging artifact displays, hobbies, lifestyles, and passions for quality coffee, produce, Botanics, books and much more.

On Saturday, April 23rd, during the regional celebration of Sant Jordi (the so-called day of lovers, literature, and roses) enjoyed in Catalonia, La Marzocco and Bar Brutal have launched the inauguration for “El Corner”, during which the bespoke GS3 machine has been unveiled, specialty coffee by local roaster Nomad has been served, a fine selection of publications from the bookstore La Central has been presented and wild roses from the flower shop Le Sauvage has been showcased – all this adding a touch of color, artistic and cultural value, human and professional connections to the experience of this opening event.

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