The KB90 in the Wild at Peet’s Coffee

juillet 19, 2019 in China, International

This custom orange KB90 won’t be overlooked, sitting proudly at Peet’s Coffee in Global Harbor (a high-end shopping center in the center of Shanghai, China).  Peet’s Coffee was established in Berkeley, California in 1966. Making their way to the Chinese market in 2017. Currently, Peet’s Coffee has opened 6 cafes in Shanghai.

When the KB90 was launched on the market earlier this year, Peet’s Coffee in Shanghai was one of the first La Marzocco China customers to put in their order. Valuing the workflow and stability of the La Marzocco brand, this KB90 sits close to a custom orange Strada AV- sticking true to the sweet tangerine orange brand color Peet’s has.

Peet’s Coffee persists in enriching the quality of each cup they serve, favoring strong, fresh, mellow, and smooth tastes. When asked what key feature they loved on the KB90, the Pro-Touch Steam Wand was recognized. With dryer steam comes an improved milk foam consistency, highlighting flavors in the espresso when served as a cappuccino or flat white.

Peet’s also spoke about the innovative Straight-In Portafilter, really enjoying the sealing function. “The sealing gasket is abraded less, and the sealing function is better in the Straight-In Portafilter. We don’t worry about sealing after buckling the portafilter due to an aging gasket. In addition, as the gasket suffers less abrasion, the replacement cycle of the gasket is longer.”

The KB90 helps the busy Global Harbor location at rush hours, optimizing workflow with the Steam Flush system, using a small burst of steam and water between extractions (no backflush needed)!

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