Spotlight on one of the original KB90s installed “in the wild”

Giugno 7, 2019 in International

Diane van Brakel and Yort Haaring of Coffee Works joined La Marzocco on a call to discuss their experience working on the KB90. Coffee Works is located in Voorburg, Netherlands and was one of the first coffee shops in the world to have the KB90 installed on their counter. Diane is the co-owner, she recounted how Coffee Works began 4 ½ ago and was created because of a need for good coffee in Voorburg and a wanting to have pure joy and fun in the workplace.

Now Coffee Works is known as one of the best places in the community to enjoy great coffee. Yort is a barista and has been working on the KB90 since it was installed earlier this year. He tried it first at Amsterdam Coffee Festival and became an instant fan after receiving a quick demo. Lucky, a short time after it came into Coffee Works.

Yort describes his increased well-being since brewing on the Straight-In portafilter. After a week of working on the machine, he had no discomfort or wrist pain- he compared to other machines with the bayonet ring twist. Another feature he enjoys is the Cool Touch steam wand. And the new Auto-Purge, “It’s really comfortable not needing to flush anymore” he recounts.

The stunning design had the shop customers curious to try the KB90 themselves, luckily Coffee Works was pleased the give a mini demo. All in all for Daine and Yort the KB90 is a wonderful piece and works great.

Check out Coffee Works online and the next time you’re visiting Voorburg.

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